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How to cook yellowtail snapper, Florida Keys style

How to cook yellowtail snapper, Florida Keys style
Posted 06/12/12 by mifoodanddrink
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Islamorada in Florida Keys is famous for its great fishing, you can find marinas on every other corner stocked with some of the most professional Offshore and Back Country Fishing Guides.

But once you have caught it, you need to know how to cook it!

The yellowtail snapper is an abundant species of snapper found along the North American coast of the Atlantic Ocean. In certain reefs, most notably in the Florida Keys, this beautifully colored fish is commonly spotted among divers and snorkelers. The yellow tailed snapper is also a popular and abundant game fish that makes excellent table fare.

Yellowtail snapper has a very distinct flavour. It has a tangy flavour and a distinct fluffiness when pan seared

In this video chef Bobby Stoky from Marker 88 restaurant in Islamorada show how to make onion encrusted yellowtail snapper – method and ingredients can be found by watching the video.
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