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How to cook scallops

How to cook scallops
Posted 07/13/12 by mifoodanddrink
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Filmed at Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen restaurant in London, this video features chef Alain Bosse “the Kilted Chef”.
He is showing how to cook Digby scallops – in other words how to sear them like the best in the business.
Scallops are a Nova Scotian specialty, which should come as no surprise as wherever you are in the Canadian province you are never more than 35 miles from the sea, and with 4600 miles of coastline there is plenty of seafood to choose from.
It is less than 6 hours flying time from the UK, so it’s well worth making a trip there to try the food where it is freshest.
Alain Bosse is one of Nova Scotia’s top chefs. In 2011 he was recognized by his peers for his industry contribution when he was named culinary ambassador of Nova Scotia.
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