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Shrimp Portugese Style

Posted 04/17/09 by Brian Stern
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Venues: Fish
Categories: Shellfish
Sub Categories: Shrimp
Recipe Type: Family Favorite
Servings: Four

This is a great and quick recipe we found in the Algarve. 


20 large shrimp raw peeled except for the tail

4 TBS fine chopped garlic

1 cup Vino Verde wine 

Diced bunch of parsley

Juice of 1 lemon 

1/2 cup olive oil

two medium sized shallots diced.




Heat over to 400 degrees.

You bake and serve this appetizer in the same serving sized oven-proof dish. We have a set of small clay oven-proof pots that work perfectly. 

Pre-heat the four individual small pots in the oven.

Once heated, add a little oil to each pot. Add garlic and shallots equally to each pot and cook for three minutes in oven. Then add the wine lemon juice and shrimp equally to each pot.

Cook for about 5 minutes or until cooked. Garnish with a generous amount of the diced parsely. 

The trick is to keep everything hot!

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