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Potato Salad

Posted 04/18/09 by BarbaraS
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Venues: Produce & All Things Green
Categories: Vegetables
Sub Categories: Potatoes
Recipe Type: Family Favorite
Servings: Very many

For a party of many people. Every one will love it. Made for my sister Naomis 21st birthday party, and many more.


12 pounds new potatoes (4 bags)
2 cups olive oil
½ cup white wine vinegar
½ cup capers
½ cup gherkins
½ cup parsley
1 pound bacon
Salt and Pepper


Scrub but do not peel small new potatoes.  Cook in boiling salted water until just tender. Meanwhile make the dressing.  Combine oil and vinegar. Chop capers, gherkins and parsley. Add to oil and vinegar.  Add salt and pepper to taste.  Mix well.  Drain potatoes.  Cut into halves or quarters.  Pour dressing over potatoes while still hot.  Toss lightly. Crumble crisp bacon and add.  Toss again.

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