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Sperl Restaurant

Posted 05/18/09 by joekim
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Sperl is located next to the Belvedere Palace in Vienna and features classic Austrian cuisine. The restaurant itself has a clean, friendly atmosphere inside where the locals gather to eat lunch and share a pint.

We ordered the following dishes:

This is the Wiener Schnitzel, which is a traditional Viennese dish of boneless veal cutlet. It was served with a side of potato salad. Tonkatsu is derived from this dish.

This is the Sirloin Beef Filet with fried onions, served with a side of roasted potatoes and a surprisingly tasty sweet mustard horseradish.

Both dishes were excellent and the best we'd had in Vienna. Given the restaurant's proximity to a major tourist attraction, I strongly recommend that anyone visiting Vienna consider dining at Sperl.

Sperl is located at Karolinengasse 13, 1040 Wien, Austria

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May. 20, 2009 04:10 pm
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kyox dishes...

Nice! Love the photos.

May. 20, 2009 04:00 pm
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joekim dishes...

Thanks John! I actually just uploaded some pictures of the dishes we'd ordered.

May. 20, 2009 03:42 pm
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johnm dishes...

Thanks, joekim. Next time I'm in Vienna, Sperl it is!