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Rachael Ray Dishes About Her "Diaries"

Rachael Ray Dishes About Her "Diaries"
Posted 08/12/09 by DishandDine
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In this interview, Rachael Ray gives us a glimpse into the very personal approach to writing that inspires her creative process. Rachael talks about how she experiences the world through food and the stories behind it, with the people she meets and places she goes. So the cookbooks become extensions of her life and are more like diaries. And Rachael reveals her delightful, old-fashioned method for collecting stories, recipes, notes, and doodles in her omnipresent journals to organize ideas for her cookbooks, TV shows, magazine, and to some extent, her life!

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Aug. 12, 2009 03:35 pm
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Dr Crock dishes...

Very cool to see how she works! I love it.