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Cafe Anzengruber

Posted 11/02/09 by kyox
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Cafe Anzengruber
Schleifmühlgasse 19
1040 Vienna

During my weekend stay in Vienna, I asked around to some locals where I could get high-quality, unpretentious, real-deal schnitzel in town. I was recommended Cafe Anzengruber, located on a side street near Naschmarkt.

It's truly a local scene inside Cafe Anzengruber, with a trio of nice and helpful proprietors who will chat and catch a few snippets of a soccer game with regulars, introduce themselves to new patrons, and pour a few beers for themselves while they're at it :). The clientele is eclectic - students at the nearby university chatting over coffee and cigarettes, regular old-timers spending hours there reading the paper, young couples and families, musicians, you name it.

The menu has a few items, but it seems like everyone unfailingly gets the house specialty schnitzel (though I hear their pasta e fagioli is supposed to be great as well). I, of course, tried the schnitzel and was not disappointed at all. The veal was nice and thin, the breading excellently flavored. The portions are definitely very healthy (too large for me). I'm not a big beer-drinker, so I chose to have a glass of braunfelkilsch, which was an excellent full-bodied Austrian red wine with my meal. 

If you're in Vienna, definitely stop by Cafe Anzengruber for their schnitzel and the relaxed, unpretentious ambiance. 

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Nov. 03, 2009 09:24 am
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craig dishes...

Seems like the locals pointed you in the right direction, this place sounds great. Love the pictures.