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Making a Signature Pumpkin Pie

Posted 12/07/09 by pookakoo
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I had the pleasure of going to a Penzeys store for the first time during the Thanksgiving holiday. What a treat. Buying online is convenient, but in the store you can actually sniff each and every spice.

I love making pumpkin pie. Mine's very spicy and popular with all my friends. But it just wasn't a signature pumpkin pie. So I bought small containers of every cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg they had. Now I'm experimenting making pies with different combos of my new spices looking for a combo that will be my signature pumpkin pie.

The truth is settling on the perfect combination is going to be tough...but even now I can say that my pumpkin pies are better than ever. Thanks Penzeys. 

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