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Aperitifs for a Dickens of a Christmas Dinner, Apple Fizz

Posted 12/17/09 by mainline madelyn
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Servings: One
As guests arrive for your Dickens of a Christmas dinner, welcome them with one of Credric Dickens "bubbly" drinks.

Recipe by the late Cedric Dickens, the great grandson of the author.  Christmas with Dickens, Dickens Pulbishing, Somerset, England, 1991 p.7
A lump Cane sugar
Angostura Bitters
Fresh Lime juice
Unsweetened apple juice
Sparkling white wine

Soak a lump of sugar in the bitters and with a teaspoon of fresh lime juice, add to a wine glass which has been 1/4 filled with apple juice.  Top off with sparkling wine.  Float a few drops of Calvados on top.

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Dec. 17, 2009 07:44 pm
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StoryLady dishes...

This sounds SO delicious! And pretty. And festive! Thank you, Madelyn, and Cedric, too!