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Sam I am

Posted 02/25/10 by DishandDine
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We are delighted to finally announce to you, very belatedly, the winner of the December DishandDine Daily Special Food Trivia Contest, none other than that Trivia lover of all Trivia lovers, Sam Liu, AKA Shaghaisam! Sam lives in Dallas, Texas now, where he grew up, but he was lucky enough to spend over five years in Shanghai recently, and thus the nickname. They apparently called him Texas Sam when he was living in Shanghai!

Sam has always loved to play Trivia games and he and his roommates were huge Trivial Pursuit buffs in college. They even staged Trivial pursuit marathons. Sam also loves food, so the DishandDine Daily Special combined his love of games with another passion. Sam's mother was a great cook and made both Chinese and Western food for Sam and his brother. In addition to Chinese, Sam acquired a love for all kinds of Asian food during his years in Shanghai, especially Thai and Indian. And of course, living in Dallas, Sam has come to appreciate the Nouveau Tex-Mex scene that features the best of local, fresh ingredients with the distinctive Tex-Mex style and flavors, as well as great BBQ. Sam likes to go out to eat and try different kinds of food, and enjoys traveling. He also enjoys cooking for his friends. And of course, he still likes to play Trivia games of all kinds, including DishandDine's Daily Special. Take lots of video on your travels of good restaurants, Sam and post them on DishandDine!

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Feb. 25, 2010 04:43 pm
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