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La Bohème Fruit and Nut Fantasy

La Bohème Fruit and Nut Fantasy
featuring Francine Segan
Posted 11/29/08
Featuring FrancineSegan
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Categories: Candy
Sub Categories: Citrus Fruit
Keywords: dried fruits, apricots, biscotti, gingersnaps, nuts, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, chocolates, amaretto, la boheme, francine segan
Servings: 8
Cookbook Title: The Opera Lover’s Cookbook Icon-buy-me

You’re going to love this a wildly flavorful concoction of dried fruits, nuts, bits of bittersweet and milk chocolate and other chopped goodies, which makes wonderful use of all sorts of leftovers from Halloween candy to cookies that were crushed in the box. There’s almost nothing that doesn’t work wonderfully in this recipe.
Although frequently served in private homes in Italy, this delicious no-cook dessert isn’t usually available in restaurants so few Americans have ever tasted it.
The dry ingredients can be combined and stored in a plastic bag for months. When you’re ready to serve it just add a little fruit juice and liqueur to moisten the mixture and meld all the delicious flavors.


1  cup assorted dried fruit--such as dates, figs, & apricots-- minced 

1/2  cup assorted cookies-- such as amaretti, biscotti, & gingersnaps--crushed 

1  cup assorted nuts---such as hazel nuts, walnuts, & almonds---minced 

1/2 cup assorted chocolate-- bittersweet chocolate, candy bars, & white chocolate 

1  cup orange juice 

1  cup of your favorite liqueur such as limoncello or amaretto 


Whipped cream, optional


In a large bowl combine the fruit, cookies , nuts and candy. Cover with plastic wrap and reserve in a cool dry place for up to 2 months.

Just before serving combine the mixture with the orange juice and liqueur.

Serve in festive glasses topped with whipped cream, if you like.


© Francine Segan, Opera Lovers Cookbook (Stewart,Tabori & Chang, 2006)

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